about us

The NIGO is an ambitious initiative aiming to promote research activities by aiding the university's researchers get their research projects funded. Within this context, IGO undertakes the following activities:

  1. Introducing and raising awareness of international funding programmes available for researchers at the university via:
    1. Organizing Workshops.
    2. Establishment of a dedicated website.
    3. Announcements through e-mails and flyers.
    4. Personal Communications.
  2. Help in developing and presenting research proposals.
  3. Ensuring appropriate writing and presenting quality of research proposals submitted by university’s researchers.
  4. Liaison with other Grant Offices at other universities to explore possibilities of research collaboration.
  5. Checking the legitimacy and scientific reputation of international funding organization, to which university’s researchers are applying.
  6. Providing endorsement by the university president/ vice president for research proposals.