Tempus program which was adopted in 1990,is one of the most excellent programs administered by the European Commission. It aims to promote the development of higher education systems in a number of so-called third countries ( "the Partners") through the balanced cooperation achieved by the program by encouraging institutions in the States Member of the European Union and partner countries to engage in structured cooperation through the establishment of "associations" working on the implementation of joint projects, with a clear set of objectives. Might get such projects on Djam Mali for up to three years. Program supports Tempus Tempus individuals who are also working in institutions of higher education through the provision of grants to help them work in specific activities in other countries.

TEMPUS Coordinator : Prof. Sami Abdul-Hamid Hammad - Professor, Faculty of Agriculture land

TEMPUS project Achievements In University :

  1. Towards an Internationalization of Higher Education Network for MEDA Region (TIES)
  2. Establishing A New Master Degree in Sustainable Crop Protection
  3. Egyptian Neonatal Network for Training Paediatricians
  4. Establishing a New Master Degree in Seed Science (ENEWMASS)
  5. Development of European Compatible Soil and Water Management M.Sc. courses in Egypt
  6. Exchanges Experiences Bologne Fac. Sciences du Vivant EG Tempus-SCM (M002B04)
  7. The Development of Environmental Engineering Master Degree based on E learning technology and Web enabled CD-JEP-31055-2003

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